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Couples/Relationship Couselling


The aim of relationship counselling is to provide support to 2 people who are in conflict whatever their relationship (Spousal, parent/child, colleagues, etc.).

  • Conflict might be in the form of repetitive arguments that seem to go round in circles and are never resolved. Often one party gives up and becomes resentful, withdrawing from the other party. Usually there is hurt, frustration, anger, exhaustion and hopelessness on both sides.
  • There may have been a particular incident that 2 people cannot get past. In a spousal relationship there may have been an infidelity, leading to a loss of trust and a deep sense of betrayal that seems impossible to get over. (Infidelity can be physical and/or emotional through social media contact)
  • One or both partners partner might struggle with physical and/or mental health issues.
  • A couple may have experienced a bereavement, loss, or major change in their life. (e.g. loss of a child, redundancy, retirement, relocation, loss of business/financial security, health)
  • There may be sexual issues. (Some sexual issues may require seeing a psychosexual therapist in which case I would signpost you to an appropriate therapist). Sexual issues may include lack of sex, different ideas about sexual activities and frequency, or lack of desire and arousal.

Sometimes a couple feels that they are past the point where a relationship can be saved, yet neither partner has the courage to admit this to the other or even themselves.

Many arguments are underpinned by issues around trust, respect, intimacy and closeness, power and control, and differences in life expectations.


Past relationships, including early family relationships, play a significant part in current relationship problems and need to be explored. Both partners bring baggage to a relationship which can make it difficult to deal with here and now issues in a calm and constructive way.


During the assessment session, we will discuss your goals and what you perceive the status of your relationship to be.


  • I will support each of you in expressing your hopes and expectations for your relationship, what has gone wrong for you and what needs to change. 
  • I will support you in getting heard by your partner, in learning to have more constructive agreements, and in developing more effective ways to resolve problems.
  • I will aim to provide a safe space for both of you so that you can say what you need to say. I discourage name calling, interrupting when someone speaks and belittling during the session. I will also ask you not to argue with each other about what one of you has said in the session when you have left.
  • We will explore how your past experiences (childhood, trauma, adult relationships) might impact on how you think, feel and act and what you can change in order to improve your relationship.

In a spousal relationship I will not keep secrets for either of you. Whatever you share with me, whatever the circumstance, will become part of the session and will potentially be shared with your partner. This does not apply to other kinds of relationships where I will use my discretion in what I perceive to be the best interest of both parties.

Same sex couples are welcome.


Session rates:    


Weekly sessions           

  •  £75 for 60 minutes          
  • £85 for 90 minutes

Cancellation Policy:

Sessions that are not attended without cancellation are charged in full.

Therapy sessions cancelled less than 24 hours before the appointment time are charged in full. Cancellation lass than 3 days before are charged at £35.

If only one partner arrives within 20 minutes of the starting time, the session will be terminated and has to be paid for.

Contact Me

Sabine Seddon      mobile 07502 128586           email

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