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Individual or Group Supervision`


I am a UKCP listed Supervisor trained to diploma level at The Berne Institute.


My supervision approach is underpinned by my training as a relational, developmental integrative psychotherapist (Sherwood Institute/Birmingham University).


My aim in supervision is to foster individuality and autonomy. I believe that how a therapist practices is underpinned by who they are, their own life experience, their training and their philosophy. I do not believe that there is one right way to practice as a therapist.


However, I am very ethically minded and will openly explore any concerns I might have about the impact your work might have on a client.


My approach is relational, collaborative and supportive.



I have previously been accepted as supervisor for the following programmes:

  • BSc Integrative Psychotherapy, Sherwood Institute
  • MSc Integrative Psychotherapy, Sherwood Institute
  • PG dip Counselling and Psychotherapy, Leeds Beckett University
  • MSc Psychotherapeutic Counselling, Stafford University
  • Level 2/3/4 courses in counselling (Humanistic, Psychodynamic, Integrative), various colleges

If your course is not on this list, I would be happy to register with your training Institute.



Individuals or Groups (4 max)

  • monthly £60/h
  • fourtnightly £50/h

Cancellation Policy

Group supervision sessions (2 or more members) are confirmed from one session to the next and will have to be paid in full even if one or more members of the group cancel.


Individual sessions will be charged at half the rate if cancelled less than 5 days before the appointment and the full rate will be charged if cancelling less than 3days in advance.


Supervision is available on request for organisations.

Contact Me

Sabine Seddon      mobile 07502 128586           email

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